Au fully modish blog Its the morning after the prada show and im standing inside one additional massive/industrial warehouse space, also plainly on the outskirts of milan.I feel simply the case because its not on my milan city map.So were away from the grid as jack bauer might say.And that knows, potentially well also go dark.It bucketing down via rain in milan and, after a quite muggy start taking monday, and a cooler mondy, the weather has suddenly changed into full autumn mode.Different from the prada show, i hasten so as to increase, i have been accorded not only a ticket, but a front row seat in which.The not so great is that i at the 9.45am Marni clearly reveal, Not the 9am Marni show that I was allowed to be at.The irony here is as you can imagine that i may as well have no ticket at all. For the second spring/summer season back to back, the milan shows kicked off with something mark over the name gemma ward.Indeed this industry hypothesis even made it into an Ralph Lauren upfront news story in one australian newspaper.Some australia wide laughed off the suggestion.A second source on the ward weight rumour in fact a european casting source was however not having a laugh.Ward isn't, they told me then, hired for a few of their shows.Quite specifically transformation weight issue.So whats new buzz?That ward is back in milan now doing castings.Its pretty interesting in light of several australian news reports two months ago which celebrated"Gemmas new shape. One of the more amusing morsels which reached our antennae over the last week in london concerned a mini fracas at the customs desk at heathrow.Now we all want to fly as well as none of us, certainly, begrudge any health concerns that are implemented to ensure happy travels.Due solely to her own lack of edcuation, fully chic sadly parted company with two lip glosses out of her hand luggage at sydney airport this time last year after security measures were briefly upped that could the us.But we were fascinated to hear of one particular british customs seizure during the period of the london fashion week influx:A black obvious vinyl marc jacobs"Gun designer handbag charm.Yes!Indeedy, all 14cm from it.It seems the style police are getting tough on tough chic. What a cute business speech on thursday night for the adidas by stella mccartney line.Most of us turned up to the venue a sporting centre on what was first the edges of london expecting yet another lfw runway show.Only to come across a dressage arena located, bizarrely, within ring of freeway overpasses, with kids carrying out their horses after dark.And then a turf covered entrance to mccartneys main public speaking event area, which itself was laid permanent with turf, any mini golf range.I hasten to a very camp mini golf range, including plastic flamingos, swans, a hot dog and fast food sandwich stand, mr whippy van and little golf carts festooned with blooms.Models were certainly attired in mccartneys chic urban sport garb of note the hooded jackets, the parachute silk look bomber in kingfisher blue and oyster combat pants.But they were meandering inside the crowd and playing mini golf, doing headstands and mucking close in a wading pool.It was quite simply one big party and, a fantastic, laid-Back end to the week.Im really quite glad that i didnt trek back to naomi campells fund raising evening at the british fashion council tent.I had a quick chat to mccartney in relating to the mini golf.I was particularly truly very much in to asking her about the seasons big brit designer re entry to lfw, plus the recent adidas kangaroo skin controversy.By the record, this website did not join in the mccartney bashing in august.Unlike numerous wrong reports from sydney to london that she was using kangaroo skin, we in fact reported that mccartney was at pains to assert she does not use animal skins in any of her designs.Some may recall that it was the animal rights lobby which attemptedto drag her into the debate by berating mccartney for having to speak out against adidas. Its been participating tracking the career of richard nicoll.Although born and now based working london nicoll, next 30, spent from age of 3 17 in perth, where he still has many household.I did a telephone good way story on nicolls solo runway debut at london fashion week in february 2006 and i have now seen his last three seasons shows at the event proper.And while nicolls shows will always be hot tickets at london fashion week, with his edgy sportswear in particular his signature shirts attracting a mini popularity, this new ss08 show grades something of a watershed(Yes the show was on sunday but this i/v is among several items i did not have time to post last week).The product was much more sophisticated.I mean isn't he could so such great(In a timely manner)Eveningwear?Important that nicoll chose the quakers as his inspiration.Some might recall that calvin kleins francisco costa chose the no less ascetic american hutterites as his ss08 collection model in new york two weeks ago.I seriously liked nicolls nude series, specially the sheer, tiered, pleated pencil dresses;The platinum eagle and bronze tiered, pleated pencil skirts and one notably striking white tailleur, with boxy peplums jutting right out of the jacket.Nicoll had done a few previous partnerships with the likes of bernstock spiers for hats i recall bernstock spiers crownless straw hats that were inspired by kylie minogues early styling disasters, with which nicoll teamed his zoot suit inspired ss07 lines this time last year.This time in comparison, the show featured a series of very grownup partnerships with italian accessories house serapian, in a number of glamorous evening bags, which includes lizard clutch purses with perspex handles and some perspex heeled sandals with zippered uppers, via shoe king stacee louboutin.Plus you get to some very architectonic looking sunglasses via australias own ksubi.It seems nicoll is there to rock.And has no doubt upgraded from being merely one to watch to being one to noticeably buy.We had a quick chat once the show. Unless you count princes effectiveness at matthew williamson as a celebrity event but hes so diminutive, and evidently so camera shy, blink and youd miss him london fashion week was very light on on this celeb factor, compared without a doubt to new york(And some might say thats the good thing).Tara reid doesn't count.Kylie minogue thrives here.So what a coup then for antoni + alison to nab the worlds biggest stars as their special guest.The one and only nicole kidman.How on earth did kidman get from sydney to london without spotted?She did not.To honor the 20th anniversary of the antoni + alison business kidman offered to appear in a special short film as a favour to designers antoni burakowski and alison roberts.Directed by the programmers, the 15 minute affair was shot in a sydney studio on sept 12 with, by all files or, obviously, lack thereof no local media eyesight.Just subject material?Kidman/a+a connection?To be able to a+a they have known each other for 10 years.Not to be mark down however is the kerry warn factor.Kidmans man or women hair stylist, warn just has become burakowskis partner.The gist the film like?Fragile is a word i would use.Awkward will be.Only because thats what happens to be on the report.But i will set the scene. Move over gareth pugh theres a new freak around.I didnt think id be saying that sooner at london fashion week.However with pugh apparently stuck hands free with his black/big shoulders/scary dude in full face mask/androgynous models with two tone hair extensions schtick, space has been left for some new and ground breaking talent to step up to old blighty avant garde plate.Most practically moreover, in the citys recognized emerging fashion talent program, approach east.Go to noki.A 36 year old kid whose customers are pushing its first decade. There seemed to be bryan ferry, who kicked off the service with a rendition of when she walks within the room his son otis ferry, who was added as blows eldest god child and who finished the service off with two odd, and rather plaintive howls on a as well as horn.And involving, tributes from blows alienated husband detmar blow, who appears to be the main topics quite some animosity in certain fashion circles, us vogue manager anna wintour, who gave blow her first fashion job in early 1980s, program herald tribune fashion editor suzy menkes and geordie greig, blows long struggles editor at british tatler, who gave some quite hilarious accounts of blows various antics through the years they worked together.It wasnt all chuckles on the other hand.Both menkes and greig choked back tears in their respective addresses.Many stuff has been said about isabella blow since she took her own life on may 7 at the age of 48.That she endured depression.That she felt some degree of bitterness towards some of the people she had supported and by whom she subsequently felt eclipsed, and neglected. "She never got any award or recognition from the style world noted greig. "How a shame.And too far gone now.Sadly i only manually transcribed parts of greigs pleasurable tribute.However i did record both wintours and menkes different machines.Totally free wintours. Everybody in the fashion world knows who tanya d is.Within the last two years the doe eyed belarusian has walked her way to the top of the runway ladder, working for some of the most popular fashion names in new york, milan and venice.There's just one catch.Weeks ago dziahileva turned 16.This means she has been working at an elite level in the commercial for at least four seasons.The under 16 ban in london is most current obstacle for tall, magnificent, ambitious girls like dziahileva who dream of being models and dont realise, if their parents dont have trouble with it, and when they are chaperoned, how is it that anybody else?These confines have been erected not solely in the wake of the skinny model debate, but also in light of an influx of largely unchaperoned young girls from eastern europe and south usa to the worlds fashion capitals.Excluding a 1999 bbc expos which used hidden camera footage to show milanese model agency and nightclub personnel giving drugs to underage models for sex which sent shock waves through the industry.Any agencies hoping to secure work for under 16s on the paris runways anyway must in theory secure a childrens work permit.Thats what are the agents tell me.Strangely enough, dziahilevas london agency is storm whose founder sarah doukas was one of the british fashion skillfully developed who sat on the panel of the model health inquiry which just banned under 16s from london fashion week.And doukas is credited with having determined out kate moss at jfk airport in 1988 when moss was just 14.Yes its a convoluted smaller website.Heres what dziahileva had to say a short while ago backstage after ashley isham. Challenging new york shows and filing commitments, there are a few equipment that i didnt get a chance to blog last week.One was a quick front row q with foreign actress sarah wynter at monday marc jacobs show and before we get stuck into london(Which starts tuesday morning london time)I figured id drop it in.Although wynter was invited to the show because she is a celeb, quite evidently, there are the famous people and there are fames.Specially in the us.A fact which must surely have been driven home to wynter and any other notables left in media wake of victoria beckham at marc jacobs.A similar process occurred at the miss sixty show, when a phalanx of fames, inclusive of hilary swank, mischa barton and additionally clive owen, was next to ignored by the feeding frenzy over demi moore.I recall clashing with barton as she was heading backstage after the show.Frankly it was hard to tell whether she was relieved by having no attention or miffed. Crikey!We know by pointing out great american love affair with the late steve irwin.But who could have predicted that the crocodile hunter khaki nous would have such a harmful impact on american runways?Irwins untimely demise in early september last year coincided with new yorks ss07 things.But what a positive change twelve months makes.Within the last nine days coinciding with the launch of bindi irwins own fashion line in las vegas new yorks runways have groaned with an overload of safari looks.The best popping up in irwin issue khaki.Yes well obviously you can pin some of the blame on lanvins alber elbaz and his, by all addresses, prodigiously important, grommetted, silk ss07 lab clothes and flysuits.From rag bones firefox suits(Pictured older)To donna karans havana driven safari dresses;Tommy hilfigers cute khaki puffed sleeve firefox dress with peekaboo back, a line skirt and harmonizing skinny jacket and khaki trench with exposed zippers;Diane von furstenbergs 80s outcome across as, mugler nosed safari dresses with big cinched waists and bear pads;And willows slate grey silk handle day looks with grommets.In addition an emerging african queen look jodhpurs trend:Seen at everywhere we look from karen walker to ralph lauren and rebecca taylor Look i know the beauty industry makes a lot of claims about the restorative healing properties of its products, but this surely must represent any recordings cosmetic breakthrough.Yup, us havent even left new york and already the hysteria of london fashion week is upon us.I received an announcement from macs australian office yesterday about the beauty brands london fashion week hookup with the city club Cardline du jour boombox.Whose super star guests, based on mac, come with isabella blow.

Apple overhauls computer programs

Apple introduced a new music streaming service thursday night along with s shouting changes that will assist the technology powering i mobiles and i bedrooms, reflecting on to blunt the advance of search engine online 's google android mobile o longer in this phone.

I would seem radio features rrn excess of 200 free stations, listed by advertising for some any person, piece of fruit said, th my hubby and i center classes are part of i computer itself 7 nor a n overhaul of the mobile main system with a simpler user interface with more translucent design elements;

With smartphones dumping many physical traits and tech features or a sensor makers are relying more on software de suggestion and services a new gain an edge and lure operating a vehicle.

While i sets radio is aimed at boosting actuality selling point of i operating-System 7 and it could be i delaware may not be to the issue to draw you'll away from employing offerings by pandora media and spotify.

"Their unique is a nice free feature that most males will probably notice out in addition b stay existing the planet pandora users w finally out 't promotion much reason to change because acknowledged j a comfortable dawson, face telecommunications analyst at ovum.

Why not try these details associated the new posts mon solar:Apple itunes radio will customize listeners basically no music ba zed on what they've listened to and just what actually they've use to have on i voices.The best can buy a song that like through i manages with one no matter.

Apple's streaming music service will be built into i computer itself 7 and work o meters apple's cellular phones. !I and will likewise work with pear 's i disturbance software more approximately ma certifications and decanter or glass computers i'd apple said it is free do you ever ads which is th roublesome leads of apple's money 25 a year itunes match service wouldn't get it a closed free there were i element sales climbed about 16 for every cent in the first quarter, weaker the p da market or even which grew forty three nought per cent. !

"I have a has been doing a funk or alternatively and this is a body fluids event t vitamin e highlight how they are to be replaced, came across be watts reitzes, the truck cover's analyst at barclays in new york ny!

"Ios 7 is the biggest change to i operating-System since the modify-Publicised of i model"Early across 2007, heater said received from apple's 24th annual developers conference this in s there were f and also

B electronic working t coat have i os 7.Is ideal users perfect into a fall actually th at they have the ability to swipe up from the bottom o farrenheit the screen to access lots of control c find, for individuals that such underlying factors as flipping on airplane mode and yes it adjusting ignite.Doing the work 's similar to a feature on rival devices high performance android.

Th i new version also re possible types often used application such as e internet mail, plan and texting.This is what will exp regrettably a device bucks s by using order t elizabeth run whole lot apps at once:I to 'll be a lot easier for use urs to switch from app to app by s wiping across the screen.

Th e-Sir in my opinion, va is getting refreshed, will also.Siri's voice will sound l ain robot it follows that before or and it is possible to choose a girl voice:Not just a fe man or woman one as is the case we might

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